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Hi, My name is Amy Pope, my love for horses started at 18 months, my babysitter was a sweet donkey who would wander around my grandparents yard while I happily sat on his back. After that I was given a pony named Macaroni.  I then outgrew my ponies and participated in open shows and 4H.

But I always wanted another miniature horse, When our oldest two daughters were 6 and 4 we bought them two miniature horses. Then my cousin was paralyzed in a skiing accident, and a nephew was born with many disabilities. So my immediate and extended family started a riding program and ran it for 12 years for children and adults with disabilities. Using our miniature horses as well as large horses. 

I now love to show our minis and shetlands with our grandkids, nieces, and nephews teaching them and myself how to work hard, try hard, win with sportsmanship, and lose with grace. Wanting to work and try harder for the next show.

Horse shows are a great time together as family



Hi, My name is LeeAnn Riddle, I love to show my Miniature Horses. Showing Miniature horses allows me to spend valuable time with my friends and to also be able to measure how well my training efforts are doing. I spend more time with my horses than anything else in my world. They give me peace when things are tough and joy when I am able to show off their abilities and incredible personalities.

I got started in the Miniature world when I bought two mares who were full sisters, ( Tutu and Tilly ) in the fall of 2014. I have shown them extensively over the last ten years, with both achieving several Hall of Fame awards. I bought a new little stallion ( JT ) in 2019 and have again shown him extensively achieving his Halter Halter Hall Of Fame in two years. Next, in 2021 came a new gelding ( Caliber ) who is well on his way to Halter Hall of Fame.


Vice President

Hi, My name is Virginia Erickson, My love for horses goes back as far as I can remember. I got my first pony when I was 10, his name was Rocket. That beautiful little guy kept me on the straight and narrow and out of trouble. Quickly outgrowing my pony, I got a yearling colt, I named him Warlock Brutus. We became inseparable and hit all the open shows winning many high point awards. Unfortunately life got in the way and I had to sell him. I was so crushed and I really hated growing up.

In 2005 I re-entered the horse world buying a pony to just smell them again, then another and another lol !!! I entered just the shows around my house. At one of those shows I met Pam Bailey who taught me how to harness and drive.  She sold me my first driving pony Charm and from then on I was hooked on the littles and just love to show them.

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