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Membership Benefits:

  • To all clinics put on by our members for reduced fee

  • Year end awards

  • Ability to vote on club affairs as well as hold presidency

  • FREE Regular class at the Logan Show when you bring in a Sponsorship or sponsor

  • Buy 3 classes get 1 class free at the Logan Show





Membership Information

  • Pamela Bailey

  • Derek, Whitley Brown, and Rilynn Smith

  • Jesse and Rei Balls,

  • Sherry Clift

  • Kody Dalley

  • Frank and Barb Deshon

  • Alan and Tammi Dial

  • Skylar, Christine, Braxton and Alexandria Dial

  • Leo and Karen Drake

  • Virginia and Ron Erickson

  • Jeff Frailey

  • Felicia Humpherys,

  • Amy Humpherys,

  • Lesley Mollard

  • Meagan Mollard

  • Monica Wakayama


Current Members


  • Jane Steele

  • Paul and Polly Hyde

  • Koby, Kasey, and Cooper Olsen

  • Rachel Olsen

  • Marcus and Amy Pope,

  • John Platt, 

  • Josie Platt

  • Kayla Preston

  • Greg and LeeAnn Riddle

  • Conner Thomas

  • Norma  Wakayama, Skye Frangipane

  • Vennessa Westbrock-Cordova

  • Shaylee (Cordova) Micheal (Westbrock)


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