CLUB renewals are due now until March 2022

New Memberships until day before show.


Membership Benefits:

  • To all clinics put on by our members for reduced fee

  • Year end awards

  • Ability to vote on club affairs as well as hold presidency

  • FREE Tack Stall or Regular class at the Logan Show when you bring in a Sponsorship or sponsor.

  • Discounted rate for Judges Clinic in Logan

  • BUY 3 get 1 free class at the Logan Show


                   2021-2022 Club Officers:

President – Trent Peterson   

Vice- President –Amy Pope  

Secretary – Jesse Balls 

Treasurer – Dixie Anderson

Other payment options now available.


VENMO     @Trent-petersen-39



81 B E. Queenwood 

Morton, IL 61550



ASPC/AMHR Area VIII “Journal” Correspondent:   




Shetland Seat                            

Rob Crater -  term 2020- 2022               



Miniature Seat

Alan Dial -  term 2021-2023


Membership Form

Articles of Incorporation

Sponsorship Form

Current Paid Members: 

(end of 2021 thru to 2022 dues)

Dixie Anderson

Barb Deshon

Jeff Frailey

Morgan Cline

Kayla Preston

Karen Drake

Kathy Merrill

Trent Peterson

Glade and Dendra Player

Kyle, Jesse, Rei Balls

Koby, Kasey Olsen

Marcus, Amy Pope, John Platt (Macie Ravenscraft)

Norma, Monica Wakayama

Sherry Clift

Lesley, Megan Mollard